International Women in Business Conference 2016

The second edition of the largest business event organised by Women in Business will bring together the Romanian business environment in conjunction with the international one, in the context of an accelerated globalization and digitalization.

The speed with which technology and, by proxy, the business environment, the audience and the tools we use are evolving has left a mark on all the other domains of activity and is challenging entrepreneurs and managers to better themselves, be more innovative and permanently adapt.

And the best part? The accelerated rhythm of change brings along plenty of opportunities and benefits for business leaders that are ready to get involved to stay ahead of the game.

About the Conference

The conference also celebrates the anniversary of 7 years since the organization Women in Business was set up, during which time we have had the opportunity to observe only the evolution on the Romanian female business environment, but also the international one. We have also identified the needs that have not yet been fulfilled in this domain and the information that would be most valuable for entrepreneurs, specialists and freelancers.

The conference aims to reunite local and international leaders for a day during which we will discuss the steps that ensure the evolution of a business past the start-up point and its bloom, by learning valuable lessons from renowned speakers that have extensive experience in business, innovation, branding and social media.


„In the future, there will be no female leaders. There will just be leaders.” (Sheryl Sandberg)

The Women in Business International Conference addresses Romanian and international entrepreneurs, specialists and freelancers, men and women, who are interested in professional development and the current global trends in business, innovation, branding and the digital environment.


Through this conference we would like to offer ideas and generate a discussion for the development of the entrepreneurial and managerial environment in the current social and economic context. By bringing together the Romanian and the international environment, through the speakers and the attendees from abroad we will facilitate the access to a flow of current specialized information and we will be looking together at solution for sustainable businesses.



Managers and entrepreneurs should consider change as a complex process which not only presupposes a certain amount of knowledge, but also emotions and personal changes. During the conference you will get to meet business people who are have similar professional situations, but have different experiences and expertise and you will come into contact with the best speakers right now from Romania and abroad.


PANEL 1. Inspire YOU – Which are the most frequent obstacles that start-ups are currently facing and how can you overcome them?

PANEL 2. Create YOU – How did branding evolve and how can you successfully apply it in 2016?

PANEL 3. Imagine YOU – What does being an innovator mean and how is innovation affecting the business world nowadays ?

PANEL 4. Connect YOU – The transformation of the business world in the age of digitalization: how important is the online environment for a business?


The themes are structured around a key word: YOU. Each panel will tackle an important aspect from the evolution of a business and will help you find your answers to the most important professional challenges.

The presentation method is captivating, focusing on personal examples and experiences of each speaker. At the end there will be a Q&A sessions for the participants to come into contact with the speakers and find out the answers they are interested in.

Networking – The conference is a good opportunity for networking, to find new business opportunities. Furthermore, it is the right platform to discuss and debate business-related themes both during the conference and in a more relaxed environment, during the breaks.

Full price: 79 EURO

You can attend the conference and rent a presentation/selling stand for your products and services.